Figo and Friends Fractions

Description Figo and Friends Fractions

Figo lost all his friends while playing hide and seek and today you can help Figo find them all! What should you do? Answer all fraction questions to advance to the next level. When looking for the answer, make sure to avoid all dangers and enemies. You can take out the opponents by jumping on top. In the last level you can save your friend, but first you have to defeat a big monster.

After starting you can choose which skill you want to practice. For example, you can choose from: adding fractions, multiply, divide or simplify fractions.

The controls work with the arrows, you can jump with CRTL and answer with the space.

The aim of the Figo fractions game is to find the answers to all fractions questions, if all questions are answered correctly you can move on to the next level. While playing you can also collect coins and stars to get a higher score.

Figo's friends are well hidden. At the last level per fraction skill, a large monster must be defeated to free one of your friends. When the friend is freed, it becomes available in the friends screen and you can play with it.