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On you can learn about and practice with fractions in an easy way. The explanations, examples, and exercises are shown in an organised way, so you can start immediately. Choose one of the skills below, practice with one of the 5-step plans, or start with 'What Is a Fraction?'.

Pie charts

These pie charts show a fraction visually.
Change the fraction to see what it does with the proportion.

6 is designed to support learning to do maths with fractions. By offering clear explanations and exercises, the maths skills can be practised. Working with fractions is separated into several topics. You start at the beginning; what are fractions, the numerator, the denominator, the fraction bar, and the unit fraction. Then we continue with doing maths with fractions. Such as simplifying fractions, which is important for doing following exercises with fractions. Other exercises that can be done are: adding, multiplying, dividing, subtracting, and making equivalent fractions. You can also practice with changing fractions into percentages and use the fractions calculator that is specifically made for using fractions in maths.

Certain topics can be extensively practised with the help of the 5-step plans. You can create a free account to save your results in the 5-step plans, and you can look at the medals and diplomas you have achieved in the trophy cabinet. Teachers can also create a free account and add the entire class.

Primary school maths usually talks about fractions. And maths in secondary school and higher education usually talks about rational numbers.

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