Simplifying Fractions Level 2

The 5-step plan

Breuken vereenvoudigen Did you get all the medals and the diploma at level 1? Then it's time for Simplifying Fractions Level 2. You need to look for the greatest common factor again to simplify the fractions. The steps are similar to level 1, only the exercises are a little more difficult.

Step 1 - Fill in the numerator

Step 2 - Drag the correct answer


Step 3- Fill in the numerator and the denominator

Step 4 - Multiple choice

Try to answer all the 15 questions right!

Step 5: Get your diploma

Answer all the 20 questions right to get the diploma!

Simplifying Fractions 2 diploma

Description Simplifying Fractions 2

Look for the greatest common factor (GCF) and divide the numerator by this number. The GCF is the highest positive cardinal number both the numerator and denominator can be divided by, without leaving remainders. The greatest common factor of the numbers 8 and 12, for example, is 4.